The Cardiac Centre was conceived to provide most advance, state-of-the-art comprehensive cardiac care under one roof for the patients.

Global Hospital is proud to have a team of the senior most cardiologists who are recognised for pioneering work in Cardiology with more than 25 years of experience. Under one roof, we provide entire gamut of services ranging from diagnostic non invasive services to Interventional Cardiology, Neuro Intervention services. The department of cardiology equipped with the latest State of the art Cath Lab with other latest equipment to ensure delivery of best possible Cardiac Care.

Our Cardiologists did their first independent coronary Angioplasty in 1994. That time stents were not available and coronary angioplasty used to be much more challenging than today. Stents became available in 1995 and their first stent was palmaz Schatz in proximal LAD. They are doing primary coronary Angioplasty and Trans Radial Interventions from 1998. Now nearly 90% procedures, they do are with radial approach. So far they have done nearly 3000 coronary angioplasties of variable complexities. Global Hospital’s cardiologist’s favourite coronary interventions are primary angioplasties in acute myocardial infarctions, chronic Total occlusions with both Antegrade and Retrograde approaches, Left main and Bifurcation lesions. They have also closed many Post MI VSD’s.

Our Cardiologists started doing Endovascular interventions since l998 and are currently doing Carotid,Renal,Iliacs and Below The Knee interventions. They are also doing endovascular interventions of GI Tract &Urogenital system, like embolization in upper and lower GI bleedings, stent grafts in aneurysm etc.

At Global, we do embolization of renal arteries in intractable hematurias ,embolzation of Bronchial arteries in massive hemoptysis . Now Global Hospital, Jalandhar have also started doing uterine artery and prostate artery embolizations.

We are also pioneers in doing Neuro-Vascular interventions in Acute Stroke like catheter directed arterial thrombolysis and catheter thrombectomy with the association of Global Hospital Neuro-surgical team.

Apart from this we also specialize in doing interventions in valvular and congenital heart diseases , like Mitral , Aortic  and pulmonary valvular stenosis, device closures of PDA,s , ASD,s VSD’s etc. In cardiac rhythm therapy, we implant pacemakers & ICD,setc with best outcomes..


  • Most advance Cardiac Cath Lab
    • Advanced non-invasive assessment with ECHO,TMT, HOLIER MONITORING etc.
    • Extensive experience in performing CABG valve replacement and aneurysm surgeries etc.
  • Emergency
  • Cardiac ICU
  • OPD
  • IPD
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  • Share your Feedback
    We love to hear about our doctors, facilities
    and your treatment at GlobalHospital.

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