Trauma Centre: Our hospital has the very efficient Trauma & Emergency Centre which is equipped with latest facilities for handling all types of casualties, Accident Cases, Poisoning as well as Medical Emergencies. Trauma Centre is manned by a team of trained & dedicated Doctors exclusive hired for the centre.

ICU & ICCU : The hospital has state of the art, centrally air conditioned, 16 bedded I.C.U. having centralized piped Oxygen and suction supply. ICU is managed by a group of doctors including critical care specialists & interventionist, capable of managing critical patients suffering from a diverse spectrum of diseases, in a rational manner. The I.C.U. is equipped with Ultra modernequipments, which include world class ventilators with Bi-pipe, Multi Parameter Monitors, Defibrillator, Fowler’s Beds with Air mattresses etc.

Cath Lab/ Cardiology Dept : We have a state of the art, dedicated Cath Lab which is well equipped for both, Invasive & Non Invasive cases. Cardiology Dept has all the facilities of Stenting, TPI, PPI, Echo, TMT, Holter test etc.

Operation Theaters: The hospital has Twoultra modern operation theaters. The Operation Theaters are bench marked to international standards in Technology and Equipment’s including Laminar Air Flow System, C-arm, Laparoscope, microscopes, Anesthesia work station etc. A dedicated OT team is always available for all types of procedures.

Labour Room : The hospital has a dedicated labour room with all the facilities for handling new born babies. It includes warmers, phototherapy units & other infrastructure for neonatal care. The medical & nursing team is highly specialized in Neonatal care.

Oncology Centre : A state of the art Oncology facility is available. Chemotherapy unit & surgical oncology unit is available for the treatment of Cancer patients.

Hemodialysis Centre :We have one of the best Hemodialysis Centre in whole Jalandhar.Thecentre is fully Air Conditioned with separate latest Dialysis machines for Sero Positive & Negative patients.

Laboratory/ Investigation Facilities : Hospital has a fully functional laboratory with modern equipments& full time trained staff. Laboratory conducts investigations pertaining to Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Bio Chemistry, Histopathology, Bacteriology& Serology.

Latest investigations facilities are available 24X7 which includes ABG, Ultrasound, etc.

CT Scan & Radiology Dept : We have inhouse CT Scan machine with 24×7 facility. Radiology Dept is equipped with ultra modern Digital X-ray machine.

Few of our Consultants/ Treatment available :

(a) Medicine  (b) Neurology   (c) General & Laparoscopic Surgeries (d) Gynae& Obstetrics   (e) Cardiology  (f) Neuro-Surgery  (g) Spine Surgery   (h) Ophthalmology  (i) ENT  (j) Orthopedic Surgeries (including Knee & Hip replacement) (k)  Urology   (l) Surgical Oncology   (m)Medical Oncology  (n)Nephrology  (o)  Pediatrics   (p) Dermatology  (q)Psychiatrics & De-addiction  (r)Plastic Surgery

Accommodation for Inpatients : We have different types of accommodation available for the patients befitting their authorization and status. We have Separate General Wards for Male & Female patients, which are all Air Conditioned. In addition to this we have Special Rooms with all the modern amenities likes AC, LCD, Refrigerator, Geyser, Telephone, Sofa etc. We also have VIP rooms for very senior officers/ families.

Pharmacy : We have a 24 X 7 in house pharmacy to cater all the needs of our patients. It is ensured that patients get all the medicines within hospital premises.

We also have a facility of in-house Canteen & patient’s diet. For power back-up by have 02 Generator sets which ensures 24×7 power supply.

With all these facilities we fulfill the basic requirement by a hospital to be eligible for providing the paramount medical care. This will also go in long way to provide the best & state-of-the-art medical facility for the needy at their doorsteps

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  • Share your Feedback
    We love to hear about our doctors, facilities
    and your treatment at GlobalHospital.

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