Dr. Pawan Suri


Dr. Pawan Suri

MD(Internal Medicine),DM (Cardiology)

About Dr. Pawan Suri

Dr Pawan Suri is MBBS,MD,DM(Cardiology)From SKIMS(J&K).He is FRCP(Edin)and has received fellowship from FSCAI(Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and interventions)&FESC(European Society Of Cardiology)
Dr Pawan Suri is an expert in the field of Interventional Cardiology with keen interest in Electrophysiology and device Therapy. He has performed 12000 angiographies and 7000+ Angioplasties predominantly through radial route .He has been the first to perform Retrograde Angioplasty in this part of state and first to perform Shockwave Lithotripsy (IVL) in Jalandhar as well.
Dr Suri has implanted a pacemaker in a 14 month old baby weighing7.5 Kg non surgically that was the first of its intervention in North India and rarest too .With more than 1000 implants of CIED's(Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device).He is managing and treating patients with various Cardiac issues.
Dr Pawan Suri has presented multiple research papers and has more than 50 Publications in various National and International
 Indexed Journals .He has been an Asstt Editor of JK Science(An Indexed Journal)and is a regular writer of Editorials in National Papers. He is also on an Editorial Board of MAR publications and has been principal investigator of various National and International trial (ePRIDE ,IDHFI,NATURE,REAL and many more)
Dr Pawan Is Recipient of Excellence Award from MIDI ,Best Cardiologist Award by Times Now, and is recipient of multiple best case Awards(LWSIC,IJCTO etc.) in many National and International Conferences.

Clinical Focus & Expertise

  • 1992-1999   MBBS Govt. Medical College, Jammu
  • 2001-2004   MD(Internal Medicine) Govt. Medical College, Jammu
  • 2005-2008   DM (Cardiology) SKIMS, J n K, India
  • 2013            FSCAI Fellow Society of Coronary Angiography & Intervention
  • 2015            FESC Fellow European Society of Cardiology
  • 2021            FRCP Fellow Royal College of Physicians
  • 2021            FCSI Fellow Cardiology Society of India

Faculty Experience

  • 01/1998 to 12/1998   Internship Govt. Medical College, Jammu
  • 01/ 1999 to 12/ 1999  Resident (Anesthesia & Critical Care) Govt. Medical College, Jammu
  • 01/ 2000 to 12/ 2000  Medical Officer Govt. Hospital, New Delhi
  • 04/ 2001 to 04/ 2004  MD (Medicine) Govt. Medical College, Jammu
  • 05/ 2004 to 01/ 2005  Senior Resident ( Cardiology) Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi
  • 02/ 2005 to 06/ 2005  Senior Resident (Cardiology) GB Pant Hospital, New Delhi
  • 08/ 2005 to 08/ 2008  DM (Cardiology) SKIMS, JnK, India
  • 01/ 2008 to 02/ 2008  Observer ship (Pediatric Cardiology) AIIMS, New Delhi
  • 12/ 2008 to 04/ 2009  Associate Consultant (Electrophysiology) Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi
  • 05/ 2009 to 04/ 2010  Consultant Interventional Cardiology& Electrophysiology Grecian Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali
  • 04/ 2010 to 06/ 2014  Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiology& Electrophysiology Oxford Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • 07/ 2014 to 06/ 2016  Senior Consultant in Interventional Cardiology & Electrophysiology SPS Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • 07/2016 to 31/10/21  Chief Cardiologist and Head of Deptt. Of Cardiology SGL Super Specialty Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • 01/11/ 2021to till date  Director & Chief Cardiologist Global Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab


Abstract & Paper Presentation

  • Presented an Abstract of Correlation of risk factors in T2DM with CAD in CSI at Kochi in Dec 2007
  • Presented a Case of Complex Coronary Angioplasty in Mid Term CSI in 2010.
  • Presented a Case of Complex Coronary Angioplasty in INDIA LIVE 2011 at Mumbai on 20th Feb 2011
  • Hypertension in Diabetes....Correlation Presented in Diabetes Summit 2011 at Mussorie in Apr, 2011
  • Presented a Case of Complex Angioplasty in ASIA CAD INTERVENTION SUMMIT at PUNE on 25th Sept 2011
  • Presented a case of Left Main artery stenting in SINGAPORE LIVE 2012 at Singapore on 13th Jan 2012
  • Presented a case in National Interventional Council (NIC) in Retrieval Section on 28th April, 2012
  • Presented a Case in GulfPCR 2012 in Plug and Play Section, 13th Dec, 2012
  • Presented a Case of Complex Coronary Angioplasty in INDIA LIVE 2011 at Kochi on 20th Feb 2013
  • Presented a case in National Interventional Council (NIC) in RETREIVAL Section on 23rd April, 2013
  • Presented a case in TCT San Francisco 2013, Culprit vessel stenting vs Multivessel stenting
  • Presented a case in India Live 2014 and NIC 2014…. A strategy to treat multivessel disease in acute myocardial infarction…. An Individualistic Approach 26th May 2014
  • Presented a case of Complex Coronary Angioplasty in LWSIC, 2014 and was awarded the Best case Award.
  • Presented a case of Retrograde Angioplasty of RCA in ACE, Chandigarh on 23 Nov 2014.
  • Presented a case of Retrograde Angioplasty in IJCTO, 2015 and was awarded the Best Case Award.
  • Presented a Challenging Case : Recurrent Post-operative Tachyarrhythmia : Unraveling the Mystery in 4th Annual CME – Matters of Heart 15th Nov 2015
  • International Faculty in TCTAP on 23rd April at Seoul, Korea, TCT, Euro PCR in 2015, 2016
  • Invited as Faculty in Euro PCR, 2016, and presented a case in session of Cath lab Nightmares
  • Invited for Guest lectures and as a Delegate/ Faculty in various National and International Cardiology Conferences since 2015 till date
  • Attended Pacemaker workshop in Singapore Heart Centre in 2017 and Interventional Masters course in German Heart Centre, Munich in Feb, 2019

Research & Publication

1.) Vijay Gupta, Pawan Suri: Diabetes in elderly patients; JK Practitioner Oct- Dec 2002, 9(4).258-59.
2.) Vijay Gupta, Pawan Suri: Bronchial Asthma- An update; JK Practitioner Jan- Mar 2003, 10(1).57-60.
3.) Sudhaa Sharma, Pawan Suri et al: Anemia in pregnancy- A Great Challenge: JK Science Jan- Mar 2003, 5(1), 1-2.
4.) Annil Mahajan, Pawan Suri, Subash Bhardwaj, V.K.Gandotra: Gouty Polyarthritis – An Uncommon presentation; JK Science Apr- Jun 2003, 5(2), 77-80.
5.) Vijay Gupta, Pawan Suri: Nephronophthisis- A review article; JK Practitioner Jul- Sep 2003, 10(3),179- 81.
6.) Vijay Gupta, Pawan Suri: Nephronophthisis and Nephrolithiasis- An Uncommon presentation; JK Practitioner Jul- Sep 2003, 10(3), 209- 10.
7.) Anil Mahajan, Pawan Suri: Steroid induced bilateral avascular necrosis of femoral neck JK Science Jul - Sep 2003, 5(3),131
8.) Vijay Gupta, Pawan Suri: Smoking and Kidney: JK Practitioner Jan- Mar 2004, 11(1), 11-13.
9.) Anil Mahajan, Pawan Suri, GH Bardi et al: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome; JK Science Jul- Sep 2004, 6(3), 153-56.
10.) Yatin Mehta, Mayank Vats, Pawan Suri: Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy – An intensivists art; JK Science Oct- Dec 2005, 7(4).
11.) Jalal S, Asrar Ahmed, Kaiser Habib, Pawan Suri: Brugada Syndrome – A Review Article: Indian heart Journal 2006, 58 (6), 440-43..
12.) MS Alai, Pawan Suri, Kaiser Habib et al: Complete Heart Block in Mumps Myocarditis; JK Science Apr- Jun 2007, 9(2), 90-91..
13.) KA Khan, A Rafiq, S Jalal, MA Rauf, VM Jan, HA Rather, MS Alahi, K Habib, Pawan Suri, D kumar; Association of NADPH Oxidase P22 Phox Polymorphism with Endothelium Dependent Vasodilation in hypertensive Subjects; Indian Heart Journal; 2007,59,5
14.) V Jan, AR Itoo, K Aslam, H Rather, S Alai, N Lone, K Habib, Pawan Suri, S Jalal: Inflammatory markers in Acute coronary Syndromes: Indian heart Journal; 2007,59,5
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16.) K.) Habib, S.Jalal, Pawan Suri et al: Bilateral renal artery stenosis causing cardiorenal failure and hypertension; Journal of Medical Sciences Jul- Dec 2007, 10(2), 97- 104..
17.) NA Lone, H Rather, S Jalal, KA Khan, MS Alai, VM Jan, K Habib, Pawan Suri, D.kumar: Constrictive Pericarditis Presenting as recurrent ascitis for 10 years; Saudi Medical Journal  Dec.2007, 28 (12), 1915-17
18.) Kaiser Habib, Pawan Suri, S.Jalal: Traumatic heart block: Kashmir Medical Journal Dec 2007, 1(2).
19.) Kaiser Habib, S.Jalal, Pawan Suri  et al: Non ST- elevation myocardial infarction in a patient with essential thrombocytosis –Successful treatment with GP 11b 111a inhibitor; Rawal Medical Journal Jul- Dec 2008, 33(2), 262-63..
20.) Pawan Suri, K.Habeeb, M.S.Elahi, H.S.Rather, S.Jalal: Hyponatremia presenting as cardiac conduction defect.) JK Science Apr- Jun 2009, 11(2), 85-86.
21.) Gulzar G.) M, Zargar S.A, Jalal S, Alaie M.S, Javid G, Pawan Suri, Shah N.A, Bilal U.R, Hakeem M.S, Shoukat A.D, Gulzar A: Correlation of gradient with variceal bleeding, size of esophageal varices, etiology, ascites hepatic venous pressure and degree of liver dysfunction in cirrhosis of liver.Indian journal of Gastroenterology, Mar- Apr 2009, 28 (2), 59-61
22.) Pawan Suri: Polypill—A magical bullet or a forgotten concept an Editorial, JK Science Apr- June 2009, 11(3), 1-2
23.) M Ashraf Ganie, Bashir Ahmad laway, Sharief A Wani, Pawan Suri: Alkaptunaria with cardiac involvement ---- a rare genetic disorder IJEM 2008;12(5):23-25---   ---24.Kaiser Habib, Pawan Suri, S.Jalal: Young MI--- When to begin risk factor modification?: Kashmir Medical Journal,2009, 3(2), 385-86. 
25.) Pawan Suri: Cardiovascular complications of Influenza A (H1N1).) JK Science Oct- Dec 2009, 11 (4),180
26.) Pawan Suri, Anwar Khan, Jasvinder Singh: Transvenous Permanent Pacemaker Implantation in 14 month old baby with Congenital Complete Heart Block,  JK Science Jan- Mar 2013, 15 (1) 45-47.
27.) Kanika Kinra, Neelu Khanna, Pawan Suri, Puneet Singh Perhar: Congenital Pulmonary Agenesis and Dextrocardia; IJSR: 2019, 8(10), 49-50.
28.) Kanika Kinra, Neelu Khanna, Pawan Suri, Anuj Sangwan: Sirenomelia: A Rare Case of Fetal Congenital Anomaly;  IJSR: 2019, 8 (10), 67-68.
29.) Kanika Kinra, Pawan Suri, Niten Garg, Gurpal Singh, Vinod Kumar Trakroo, Pooja Gupta, Shuchi Taneja, Kanika Bansal: Intacranial Abscess presenting as persistent Headache in a patient of Tetralogy of Fallot -- IACM; Apr-June 2019, 20(2), 142-44
30.) Neelu Khanna, Pawan Suri, Puneet Singh Perhar, Kanika Kinra: Late onset Post-Partum Eclampsia with HELLP Syndrome and type 1 respiratory failure;  IJSR: 2019, Feb 2020, 9 (2), 65-66
31.) Neelu Khanna, Kanika Kinra,Pawan Suri: Case of twin-twin transfusion syndrome with respective outcomes; IJSR, April 2020, 9 (4).
32.) Kanika Kinra,Pawan Suri, Vinod kumar Trakroo: Systemic Sclerosis with complete heart block, J K Science; July- Sept 2020, vol 22(3), 147- 49..
33 Pratik Rawal, Pawan Suri, Vanita Arora: Evaluation of diagnostic workup in patients of Syncope; Journal of Medical and Research Publications (MAR) Cardiology, Sept 2020, vol 1(1), .
34.) Pawan Suri, Vanita Arora: Use Heart to Beat Heart Disease; Editorial, Journal of Medical and Research Publications (MAR) Cardiology, Sept 2020, vol 1(2), .
35.) Vanita Arora, Pawan Suri, Vivek Kumar: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest; Journal of Medical and Research Publications (MAR) Cardiology, Sept 2020, vol 1(2).
36.) Bacteria and Human heart: Journal of Medical and Research Publications (MAR) Cardiology, Sept 2020, vol 1(2)
37.)  Vanita Arora, Pawan Suri: To Pace or Not To Pace the His Bundle, Journal of Medical and Research Publications (MAR) Cardiology, Nov 2020, vol 1(4) .
38.) Pawan Suri, Vanita Arora: Covid-19 and Cardiovascular disease, Journal of Medical and Scientific Research; Dec 2020, vol 8 (S1)
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41.) Pawan Suri, Vineet Yadav, Rohit Varma, Vanita Arora – Bockdalek Hernia: A Rare Cause of Respiratory Distress in an elderly Male; Journal of Medical and Research Publications (MAR) Cardiology, Mar 2021, Vol 2 (3) .
42.) Pawan Suri, Vanita Arora: Mucormycosis – The Black Fungus; Journal of Clinical and cardiovascular Medicine; June 2021, Vol 2 (1-4)
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44.) Vanita Arora, Francesco Zanon, Viveka Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Pawan Suri: Physiological Pacing to improve cardiac resynchronization therapy non-responder and a tryst with calcified septum – a case report: The Egyptian Heart Journal; Feb 2021,73,27
45.) Pawan Suri, Kanika Kinra, Vanita Arora: Coronary arterio-venous fistula – A rare Case Report (accepted for publication in JK Science)
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48.) Vanita Arora, Vivek Kumar, Viveka Kumar, Pawan Suri: A simple venoplasty to place the lead in occluded venous access; Acta Scientific Clinical Case Reports, Oct 2021, 2(10).
49.) Vanita Arora, Vivek Kumar, Ashutosh Arora, Pawan Suri: Twiddlers syndrome; Journal of MAR Cardiology, Jan 2022, 4(1).


Fellowships & Certifications

  • 2001 Medical Council of India ( Jammu Branch)
  • 2004 Medical Council of India ( Internal Medicine)
  • 2008 Medical Council of India ( Cardiology Super Specialty)

Awards & Recognition

  • 2004     Best Post Graduate Student Award
  • 2011     Excellence Award by MIDI
  • 2014     Best Case Award in LWSIC
  • 2015     Best Case Award in IJCTO

WEBINARS: Moderator and Speaker

  • Guideline Based Lipid Management in Practice – Practical Aspect of Guidelines; 4th July, 2020
  • Improving Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Can We Do Better; 19th July, 2020
  • Cardio Conclave: An Exclusive Panel Discussion on Anti Thrombotic Therapy; 24th July, 2020
  • Heart Failure 2020: 25th July 2020
  • Heart Talk: Eplerenone Benefits Extending Beyond Heart Failure Management; 1st Aug, 2020
  • Hypertension Prevalence in India and Hypertension Awareness Symbol Launch; 22nd Aug, 2020
  • Anti-Platelets in Current Scenario: 24th Aug 2020
  • Panel Discussion; 12th Sept
  • CVT conference; 12th Sept
  • Coronary Interventions, Speaker & Moderator, Terumo 13th Sep
  • MAPICON, Social Media and Covid 19: 17-20th Sep 2020
  • MAPICON, Cardiac Catheterization in Covid 19- Recent Guidelines; 17-20th Sep, 2020
  • MAPICON, Masks –A Lifesaver or A Pseudo protection: 17-20th Sep, 2020
  • Left Main Symposium, Moderator : 13th Sept, 2020
  • Panel Discussion on Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness; Moderator, 27th Sept, 2020
  • Novel ARB + CCB combination redefining 24hr control with cardio-renal protection: Speaker, 17th Oct, 2020
  • SGLT2 inhibitors and Heart Failure: Speaker, 26th Dec 2020
  • RAAS blockade and Hypertension: Panelist, 26th Dec 2020
  • Hypertension Continuum: Speaker, 17th Jan 2021
  • ECG course teaching: Ischemia and Infarct Localization on ECG; Speaker 29th Jan 2021
  • Home BP monitoring in Indian scenario: Speaker; 31st Jan 2021
  • ARNI in Heart Failure – Current Update: Speaker & Panelist; 21st Feb 2021
  • Case Based Discussion of Diabetes and Heart Failure – Speaker and Panelist; 22nd Mar, 2021
  • ECG Course teaching: Sinus Node dysfunction – 26th Mar 2021
  • Cardio Colloquium – Speaker; 10th April, 2021
  • CAD III, Deep dive in US Pivotal Trial & IVL case presentation --Bridge to Success with New Modalities, North Chapter – 1st May, 2021
  • An Indian Specific Discharge Checklist – Need of an Hour – 1st May, 2021
  • Digital Coronary Paradigm – Webinar on Coronary Complex Cases – Moderator & Speaker; 2nd May, 2021
  • RECORD Registry – What does Interim Analysis say ?, Speaker; 21-05-2021
  • BIC; 04-06-2021
  • NOACs in Covid 19 – Moderator and Chairperson; 06-06-2021
  • Hypertension – Panelist; FLAME 12-06-2021
  • Statins in Secondary prevention post ACS; ACS Forum – Speaker; 04-07-2021
  • Role of Metoprolol post MI; Beta Blockers enclave ; 07-08-2021
  • Hypertension with compelling indications; How to place Beta Blockers;

    26 - 08- 2021

  • MAPICON: Oil of Misfortune, Sept 2021
  • Hypertension in modern day practice: Cardiac Perspective, Moderator, 22-01-2022
  • Impact of ES 2021 guidelines on diagnosis and management of HFrEF; 9th Apr, 2022

Procedures Expertise

  • Performed about 12,000 angiographies and 7000 plus angioplasties through both femoral and radial route with satisfactory results.
  •  Performed more than 7000 cardiac cath procedures through right radial artery
  •  Implanted more than 1000 pacemaker implantations including single chamber, dual chamber, AICD and CRT pacemakers.
  •  Worked for 6 months in Electrophysiology and carried out the procedures of diagnostic and therapeutic ablation in PSVT, Atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter.
  •  Carotid artery stenting and peripheral artery stenting
  •  Introduced the technique of Retrograde Angioplasty in this part of the country Implanted a permanent pacemaker in a 14mth old baby weighing 7.5 kg nonsurgically that was the 1st of its intervention in north India and rarest too.
  •  Uterine fibroid embolization for Post partum hemorrhage / Renal artery embolization for hematuria
  •  Device closures of septal defects, PDA and stent dilatation of peripheral arteries including coarctation of Aorta and else.
  •   Introduced the IVL therapy for first time in Jalandhar
  •   First in Punjab to perform Conduction System Pacing using Biotronic lead.


  • Life member of Indian Medical Association
  • Member of Association of Physicians of India
  • Member of Cardiology Society of India
  • Member of Indian Society of Electrocardiography
  • Member of Indian Society of Echocardiography
  • Member of Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin ( GAPIO)
  • Accredited with ASAP (American Society of Associated Physicians)
  • Member of ACC (American College of Cardiology)

Teaching & Expert Lectures

  • IMA Mohali – Interesting Case Presentations, April 2009
  • IMA Mohali – Hypertension Continuum From evidence to Practice, 4th July 2009
  • IMA Karnal -  Overview of brady and tachy arrhythmias , Oct 2009
  • IMA Hamirpur- Current status of Primary PCI , 11th Nov 2009
  • IMA Pehowa –Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction, Dec 2009
  • IMA Jalandhar - World Health Day, 7th Apr. 2010
  • IMA Jalandhar – Real life practice in Cardiology, 24th Apr, 2010
  • Physician Forum Jalandhar – Hypertension still a dilemma, 26th Apr, 2010
  • Physician forum Jalandhar – Biomarkers in Coronary Artery Disease,14th  May, 2010
  • IMA Banga – Time to act in Acute heart attack, May 2010 
  • AIIMA Jalandhar – Beta blockers in Heart failure, 2010
  • NIMA Jalandhar – Thrombolysis vs PCI—which one is better, 14th Jul 2010
  • IMA Ferozepur – A new Paradigm in the Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome, 13th Aug 2010 
  • IMA Kapurthala– How to get Best Outcome in Acute Heart Attack,  22nd  Sep 2010
  • Guest lecture by Novartis- Role of Renin Inhibitors in management of Hypertension,  14th Oct 2010
  • IMA Pathankot – Time to refer patients of acute STEMI, 21st Oct 2010
  • IMA Faridkot – Complications of acute Myocardial Infarction, 23rd  Nov 2010
  • IMA Phagwara – Get on with the Indian guidelines to Avert a Myocardial Infarction, 7th Dec 2010
  • IMA Kartarpur – Intensive Statin therapy in Chronic CAD, 18th Dec 2010
  • IMA Hoshiarpur – How to get best outcome in acute heart attack, 28th Dec 2010
  • NIMA Jalandhar – Hypertension and its Management, 16 Jan 2011
  • API Jalandhar – Instant Restenosis of Drug Eluting Stents…Management Issues, 19 Jan 2011
  • AIIMA Jalandhar – Beta blockers in Heart failure, 14th Jan, 2011
  • IMA Jalandhar : STEMI in acute myocardial infarction, 21st Jan 2011
  • Guest lecture by Novartis- Hypertension in Diabetes, 2nd Feb, 2011 
  • IMA Pathankot – The Role of β-Blockers in the Management of Hypertension: An Asian Perspective, 2nd Mar, 2011
  • IMA Faridkot – CV Risk Management in Diabetes, 3rd Apr, 2011
  • IMA Phagwara – Get on with the Indian guidelines to avert a Myocardial Infarction, 14th July 2011
  • IMA Kartarpur – Intensive Statin therapy in Chronic CAD, 12 Sept, 2011
  • IMA Hoshiarpur – Reassessing lipid management strategies for CHD control, 22 Nov, 20
  • Guest lecture in Small Industries Association in Phagwara – Lifestyle modification in prevention of Coronary Artery Disease. 1st Feb, 2012
  • IMA Hoshiarpur – Time management in Acute Myocardial Infarction, 24 June 2012
  • IMA UNA – Statins – “Where Do We Stand, 19th May, 2012
  • IMA Bathinda – Myths & Facts of Heart Failure, 23rd Aug, 2012
  • IMA Hoshiarpur – Screening for Early Detection and Prevention of Heart attack, 17th Nov, 2012
  • IMA Tanda – Role of Intervention as complimentary to routine treatment of CAD, 18thmay, 2013
  • IMA Patiala – Understanding the Basics of ECG; 1st June, 2013 
  • IMA Kartarpur – Primary Intervention in Acute Myocardial Infarction, July 2013
  • Physician Forum  Jalandhar – Diuretics from Cardiologist’s Perspective 6th June 2014
  • IMA Khanna – Time management in Acute Myocardial Infarction, June 2015
  •  Association of Physician of India Mumbai – Cardiac Interventions in Current Practice. Jan 2017
  • Physicians Forum, Jalandhar -- Cardiac Arrhythmias in General Practice and Role of Pacemakers. 6th June 2017
  •  APICON 2018 – Current trends in Interventional Cardiology, Jan 2018
  • Association of physicians of India Jalandhar Chapter….. Current Perspective of Heart Failure – 16th Mar 2018
  •  MAPICON 2018, Bathinda…. Hypertension. An Update 15th June 2018
  • PIMACON 2019, Patiala …. Innovation in Interventional Cardiology.. 5th Jan 2019
  •  IMA Hoshiarpur… Do’s and Don’ts for Coronary Artery Disease; 4th july 2019
  • IMA Phagwara… Evidence based usage of Statins- Case Based Study; 16th Nov 2019
  • Family Physicians Jalandhar… ECG correlation of ACS; 21st Jan 2020
  • IMA Pathankot – ECG Diagnosis of Arrhythmias--Tips & Tricks 2nd Feb, 2020
  • CSI Hyderabad – Chair Person – Dec, 2021
  • APICON Jaipur – Cooking Oil- Myths and Facts, 14th Apr, 2022

Positions held in different Forums

  • 2011-2014    Director of the Governing Body, MIDI
  • 2012-2014    Assistant Professor, Chintpurni Medical College
  • 2012–2014   Secretary, Jalandhar Cardiology & Echo Forum
  • 2020      Vice President, Council of Super Specialists, Jalandhar